A Guide to 2020 Casino Fashion


If you think of some of the most extravagant places on the earth, the casino will be one among the top five places, especially in elite destinations like the Vegas and Macau. Yes, live casino online malaysia are leading in the race to make their customers feel home-like and offer the most exceptional experiences, but that said, nothing can beat the experience of gambling roulette online in a land-based casino. If you’re able to visit one, then you would want the experience to be worthwhile, and your outfit and your fashion-sense hold a good chance for making your casino-night. This article will guide on how you can dress to impress to a casino in 2020.

White Tie Look

White tie look or the full evening dress is the most formal outfit you can wear to a casino. For a woman, this would mean an evening gown or a full-length dress or gown. Such outfits are often paired with expensive jeweler, clutch or a purse and long sleeves. For men, this look usually comprises of a coat, matching trousers, Shirt studs with cuff links and black shoes with matching socks. For movie fanatics, that are a fan of the casino and James Bond movies, this kind of attire best suits them and is usually wear for the high-end casinos.

The Black Tie look

The black-tie look symbolizes a more relaxed and casual look. Although it does not scream wholly laid back, it makes the formal look seem more effortless. For women, this might include cocktail dresses, calf-length gowns or less extravagant evening gowns. They can be coupled with jewellery and gloves, but they’re not mandatory. For men, it is more of a stylish than a formal look. It includes a white shirt, an elegant bow tie, a dinner jacket or an evening jacket with a pair of leather shoes. This outfit best suits the not-so high-end casinos. They’re usually situated in malls or other buildings with elite restaurants.

The Casual Look

Some casinos around the world prefer their customers in casual outfits, and there is nothing wrong with going all casual at a casino. It is no brainer that casuals do not include tie and coats with high-end jewellery for women. That does not mean it provides slip-on or military garments. For women, casual look consists of a long skirt, blue jeans, and shorts, paired with a fancy bottom downed blouse. For men, it might include jeans or khaki pants. Some places even accept shorts, polo t-shirts, sneakers and loafers. If you’re still under the doubt of choosing a casual outfit, then you can take help on the internet or from friends and family who have been there.



There are thousands of casinos around the world, and each one prefers their own dressing standards. While some might strictly prohibit casual wears, many casinos around the corner prefer men and women in casual. It is highly imperative to check for the casinos guideless, before you visit one, especially for beginners.

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